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Yo Ho Hello!

Welcome to Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids, a website devoted to making high quality coloring pages for young buccaneers the world over! Drop your anchor and explore all this site has to offer.

Color. Print. Repeat.

All of our pirate coloring pages can be colored right here using our super-fun color app. Pick you colors from the color panel, and splash them on your pirate printables. Bring your artwork to life with vibrant colors. When your coloring page is in ship shape, press the print button to print out a copy of your masterpiece.

Mobile Device Compatibility

That’s right, privateering pals. This website works on mobile devices too! Load her up on your iPad and let your young tykes color on a touch screen. It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

About the Illustrator

All of the coloring pages on Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids were hand-drawn by illustrator Tim van de Vall. Tim is an artist, writer, and programmer who specializes in children’s media and all-ages entertainment.

If you’re a teacher and like Tim’s drawing style, visit his Teachers Pay Teachers store to see some of his clip art products.

Our Audience

Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids is a site for children, parents, teachers and grandparents. We hope that these fun coloring pages inspire kids to be imaginative, adventurous, and curious. And if you’re an adult, you may discover that it’s still a lot of fun to color in these pages.

On the Horizon…

As the site grows, we’ll be adding a bunch of new pirate coloring pages. Pirate crafts, and other printables will be next. The faster the site grows, the more content you’ll see. So if you wish to help out…

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